Cho’Gall 25 Down!

GREAT JOB,Undying Resolution!!!!!!

Video coming within a couple weeks.Didnt record >_>


The Death of Silence

I apologize for the lack of posting as of late.I recently developed a wicked ringing sound in my ears and head.Spending 5 hours at the Emergency Room the only thing I found out is it is Tinnitus.But then my family doctor said its a bad sinus infection.So I am currently on two different types of medication that will hopefully remedy my illness soon.Wish me luck,friends.And please NEVER take the wonderful sound of silence for granted.I will be back soon,I promise.Warm wishes to all!

– Purgetheweak

Rise of the Zandalari!

Well Patch 4.1 is finally here and of course the servers are down for an extra hour and a half.But of course this was expected with a patch this large.Through the day I will be reporting my findings and thoughts about the newest patch “Rise of the Zandalari”.

Update 1:So after all that time we logged in to horrendous lag caused by the addon “Recount”.Aside from that,Zul’Aman and Zul’Gurub are absolutely unplayable at this time.Walking into each zone you either cannot load in or you get disconnected.We successfully made it in 1 time and made our way to “High Priest Venoxis” in ZG.Wiped a few times learning the fight,then downed her only to be disconnected and disbanded at the exact same time.So were calling it quits for the night.Did NOT get any farther in ZG…/tear

I am getting ready to run 10 man BWD with my guild.Should be fun…12 fps on trash >_>

Update 2:So it took about 30 or so minutes to finally get our full group into BWD.Amongst the tons of lag issues and disconnects,we 1 shotted Magmaw and completed our first guild challenge.So we moved on to “Omintron” and around the middle of the fight he bugged out and we could no longer attack him.We then decided to move on to BoT and 1-shotted Halfus Wyrmbreaker.We earned the achievement “The Only Escape”.We then proceeded to 1 shot Valiona and Theralion.Great night especially with all these darn bugs and lag issues !

Update 3:After a LONG day of being sick and whiping/disconnecting I decided to take my chances and queue up for a Random RotZ instance..I got Zul’Aman.Let me just tell you that I had the greatest bunch of players I have ever seen in a random.One shotted nearly each boss with the exception of Nolarak(2 shot) and Daakari(2 shot).I won a BOE epic.

Quickstrike Ring

I also received 3 Hex Sticks which had the following prizes.

Stick 1:Random ZA Buff.

Stick 2:Food Vendor which sold me a scroll case which gave me FIVE Fortune Cards.

Stick 3:MOJO!!

All in all,Zul’Aman was AMAZING.Very well “redone” and somewhat challenging.Healers and crappy tanks beware!..The quest rewards are incredible and the zone is still one of the best looking.Tomorrow I will hopefully have the information to report what I think about Zul’Gurub!..Night,Wordpress!

Loading Screen Boss > Bouridon

Zed A & Zed G FTW!

Kael’Thas’s Worst Enemy

So to continue my good luck I’ve been having lately,I strolled into “Magisters Terrace Heroic” and decided to pay ol’ Kael’Thas a visit in his new home.He seemed upset with the fact that I beat  him up when he was taking steroids and running Tempest Keep.I bet he was also pretty angry with the fact that after beating him to the ground I stole his precious Pheonix(Ashes of Al’ar) mount.So to keep a long story short…I beat him down yet again.This time I also had the ironic honor of yet again….stealing one of his mounts.This time I got my hands on the White Hawkstrider.In the same run I also picked up the 22 slot rare bag off of one of his malnourished body-guards….Talk about great luck!


I also decided to do a bit of exploring.

Until next time!

Vanity Pets Galore

So this has been a decent week.Obtained a few pieces of gear from raiding,and found a couple rare vanity pets.Obviously I must show off the Al’ar mount as much as possible.

The first is “Fox Kit” which is obtainable through killing Baradin Foxes in Tol Barad.I spent almost an hour mowing them down and just when I was about to give up..BAM! Found one!

And the other is the “Crimson Shale Spider” from the rare mob “Jadefang” in Deepholme.Good luck with this one.

1-Shot Ascendant Council

Undying Resolution just added another head,or should I say 4 heads(not counting captain planet phase 3) to our boss-kill list.Tonight we walked in and WTF-pwned “The Ascendant Council” in “25 Bastion of Twilight”.Great job everyone!

We are now 9/12 on 25 Mode and 10/12 on 10 Mode.

Screenshot of our epic victory.

Death to the Elements!

Death to the Elements!

Next up is your turn Cho’gall!