Cho’gall’s Demise(Video)

Well I finally finished the Cho’gall 25 kill video.ENJOY!

Reminder:Undying Resolution is now recruiting.Please visit for more information!


10 Man Al’Akir Video

This fight is so much fun.Unfortunately I got myself killed at the end.It was an adrenaline rush watching two tanks beat him down the last 5%..But they succeeded.

Also,congratulations on Guild Level 25…Also gained my 20’th Exalted reputation(The Violet Eye).And I finally got Fishing to 525 gaining me “More Skills To Pay the Bills”…Long haul there…

The Death of Silence

I apologize for the lack of posting as of late.I recently developed a wicked ringing sound in my ears and head.Spending 5 hours at the Emergency Room the only thing I found out is it is Tinnitus.But then my family doctor said its a bad sinus infection.So I am currently on two different types of medication that will hopefully remedy my illness soon.Wish me luck,friends.And please NEVER take the wonderful sound of silence for granted.I will be back soon,I promise.Warm wishes to all!

– Purgetheweak