Kael’Thas’s Worst Enemy

So to continue my good luck I’ve been having lately,I strolled into “Magisters Terrace Heroic” and decided to pay ol’ Kael’Thas a visit in his new home.He seemed upset with the fact that I beat  him up when he was taking steroids and running Tempest Keep.I bet he was also pretty angry with the fact that after beating him to the ground I stole his precious Pheonix(Ashes of Al’ar) mount.So to keep a long story short…I beat him down yet again.This time I also had the ironic honor of yet again….stealing one of his mounts.This time I got my hands on the White Hawkstrider.In the same run I also picked up the 22 slot rare bag off of one of his malnourished body-guards….Talk about great luck!


I also decided to do a bit of exploring.

Until next time!


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