A Fresh Start


Well,I finally caved in and started up a “WordPress”As I am new to this whole blogging scene,I don’t really know what to write.So I will simply begin with my thoughts on the Cataclysm expansion for World of Warcraft.Over-all this review will be rather positive.But with any product,there are it’s weaknesses.So let’s begin,shall we?

During Wrath of the Lich King I felt that all of the enjoyment had been leeched out of the game,so I terminated my account.Throughout said 7 months,I began to watch my old boss kill and PvP videos.It was then that I thought to myself “There needs to be a fresh start with this game or it is doomed”.So I began researching Cataclysm and was quite taken by what I was seeing and reading.So I decided that 7 months of rested experience was enough.For the life of me,I could not remember what my login and password was .So I started up a trial account and leveled a Night Elf Druid to level 20,only to realize that I remembered my account information to my original toon.So I quickly ran and bought the retail version of Cataclysm,sped home and began my descent back into the World of Warcraft.Here is my list of positives and negatives with this game.

Positive Feedback

  • Raiding:My favorite thing about Cataclysm,hands down,are the raid encounters.Each fight is well thought out and unique in nearly every way.So far,the most enjoyable fights for me are,well…Every single one.I haven’t had this much fun progressing through content since my days in Eidolon farming all of The Burning Crusade end-game content.Some of the bosses are literally challenging(something I haven’t seen since Illidan/Archimonde/Lady Vashj/Kael’Thas Sunstrider.

Raiding = 10/10

  • Heroics:Aside from the ever increasing amount of power leveled and terrible players I come across,I LOVE the heroics in Cataclysm.When I first began running heroics,I actually found them difficult and in some cases they seemed impossible.Of course this changed with experience and proper player/group formats.Blizzard has outdone themselves with the heroics in this expansion.There are a few tank & spank fights,but for the most part they are quite in-depth and demand that each member of the group work together and strategize in order to overcome the bosses.On rare occasion the trash mobs are much more challenging than the bosses themselves.

Heroics = 9/10

  • Daily Quests:I use to hate doing dailies after I became exalted with the respective faction(s).But in Cata,that has all changed.The rewards for completing your daily quests have significantly increased.First and foremost,you earn Guild Reputation for completing them.The gold increase is substantially more significant.And I found a cool little rare vanity pet in the process of doing one,so that’s a definite plus in my book.And unlike many of the older daily quests,these ones are enjoyable.Especially the ones in Deepholme.

Daily Quests = 10/10

  • Flying In Azeroth:Need I say more

Inevitability = WIN!

Negative Feedback

  • Pugs:Upon logging in,the very first thing I noticed was the incredibly large influx of pug groups advertising via Trade/General chat’s.Honestly,I expected pugs to still be around,but not at the quantity that they currently operate.It’s not that I have a hatred for pick-up-groups(pugs),I simply enjoy working on and clearing content with a set group of people.Teamwork is ultimately what makes this game go round.Without it—instances,raids,battlegrounds,and even basic game functions like general chit-chat quite honestly would cease to function properly.
  • PVP:For some reason I cannot pick up the pace with PvP in Cata.I still miss the 10 hour Alterac Valleys in which teams worked together instead of rushing and breaking out in a frenzy free-for-all.I like but dislike the resilience aspect of things.And I absolutely despise Death Knights with their stupid chain ice pull or whatever it’s called.But PvP just isn’t my cup’o tea nowadays.Alliance still seems to sit idle while the Horde face-roll us.Some things really never change.
  • Gold Spam:I know it’s very hard for Blizzard to constantly monitor and keep track of all the gold/item spammers.But come on…really?
  • Bots: >_>

In Closing

Basically..I love the game.A few minor things bug me,but all-in-all it is quite an impressive addition to an already breath-taking game.Also I found my home-sweet-home on Elune thanks to a very close friend of mine(Bouridon).The guild that I am currently in is “Undying Resolution”.They are a wonderful group of people with a nice,steady,and easy going progession.Visit us at www.undyingresolution.com .We are currently recruiting,so make sure to check for class availabilities.Hope you have enjoyed my first post.I doubt many if any will subscribe,but it’s worth a shot.

P.S – Please subscribe to www.youtube.com/tbatcho07 for my boss kill videos and various other styles of video.


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