So to continue an extremely positive raid week, we strolled back into good ol’ Firelands.  And after about  a half an hour worth of attempts, we bested Baleroc,the Gatekeeper.  This puts us at 4/7 Normal modes and we continue to hold the placement of 2’nd ranked guild on Elune.  Check out the video below and make sure to subscribe to



Firelands Update #1

During our first week in Firelands we got off to a rough start.  After a tough first night of learning trash we were able to kill Shannox on 25 man mode(Realm 2nd).


And this week we 3 shotted Shannox and I think 5 shotted Beth’Tilac 25 Mode(Realm 2nd).


We are still recruiting!!



New Beginning

After three great months in Undying Resolution I have decided to move on to a more hardcore guild.  Thanks to my good friend Bouridon I am now raiding with Inner Focus and after defeating “Heroic Conclave  of  Wind” we now hold the #2 25 Man guild rank on Elune.


We are currently recruiting the following:

  • Shadow Priest
  • DPS Death Knight

I FINALLY got my achievement and title on 25 Mode.

2 Shotting Nef feel’s so good.

Firelands inbound!

10 Man Al’Akir Video

This fight is so much fun.Unfortunately I got myself killed at the end.It was an adrenaline rush watching two tanks beat him down the last 5%..But they succeeded.

Also,congratulations on Guild Level 25…Also gained my 20’th Exalted reputation(The Violet Eye).And I finally got Fishing to 525 gaining me “More Skills To Pay the Bills”…Long haul there…